Wednesday, 12 August 2015

A New World?

Dear Blogger,

Today is the day my captain and I reached "India", it took months at sea across the Atlantic and at last we have ended our voyage. We were greeted by a group of confused natives who clearly hadn't the faintest idea that we were coming. I also hear talks of us returning to Europe to tell the authorities that we have finally discovered a new world. I don't know about this, something isn't right.

I have the slightest idea that we are not in India, but I have tried to tell the captain that I have been to India before but he seems determined that I either must have been to a different part or have never been before. Perhaps I got the wrong place he says. I do remember a Moorish man telling me that India is across the Pacific and not the Atlantic ocean but we'll see how the weeks go. Besides, these guys sure do have a lot of gold and a lovely landscape.

The people here call themselves Arowaks (as sketched below, I had this man stand still for hours), if anybody knows of their geographical whereabouts could you please send me a response through pigeonmail, as my captain Chris's laptop battery is dying and we have no mobile signal.

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