Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Are you a student? if so, read on. 
Tired of having to search and learn how to reference every time you have an assignment?

Well even if you are not as simple as me but still require a refresher on how to reference your work, or even want to just have a reliable place to store your current references you definitely need to check out the web app RefME. It offers a space technology to find even the toughest of sources using book titles, barcodes, website details, issue numbers and authors names to find the details of seemingly any piece of text and/or information.

You can sign up to the website which then allows you access to the mobile app available on Apple and Android. It really is as simple as it sounds and it allows you to then add separate projects each consisting of different references and journals. It also allows you to change the style of referencing with a catalogue of different types including Harvard, Oxford, AOA and MLA.

It really is a useful app to have on your phone.

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